Assembla is Making Moves: New Infrastructure Brings Higher Performance

Paul Lynch on September 7, 2018

This year has been packed with exciting additions and enhancements to the Assembla portfolio. We acquired Cornerstone and MyGet, provisioned Assembla in Europe to support our users across the pond, and strengthened our partnership with Perforce. Today, Assembla leads the VCS ecosystem as the only provider of Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC), worldwide. With speed and performance as our primary motivators, it's no surprise that with Q4 on the way, we're nowhere near done!

Today we're thrilled to announce a defining set of upgrades to the infrastructure supporting our platform. This transition takes Assembla to an auto-scaling, elastic cloud-based platform, running securely and expediently on Amazon Web Services.

Why AWS?

Performance, performance, performance. Migrating to the leader of best-in-class infrastructure means a better experience for our amazing customers across the world. This will further position stability and value at the center of the Assembla platform so you can continue to create, manage and deploy excellent code.

We know that what you build with us drives revenue and innovation within your organization. By upgrading our technology we will make your business better.

Why Now?

We know it’s never a convenient time for a move like this. Moving homes, jobs, even desks at work brings some level of stress. We are making this critical move because we’ve gotten as far as we can with the current infrastructure and to see the performance gains we know our customers expect and deserve, we are moving forward. We strive to empower all users of Assembla to do great things as they work with our continuously improving portfolio in the Enterprise Cloud Version Control space. The success of Assembla is tantamount to that of our users - and we're pleased to have you!

What to Expect

Assembla's DevOps team consists of a world-class, geographically distributed team working with the latest and most trusted tooling, allowing the team to exercise caution, precision and the utmost care in facilitating this transition. Our users may rest assured that calculated and meticulous work has been poured into planning and quality assurance to bring about performance improvements of the highest caliber. We do not expect any unplanned downtime or latency; however, there is always an inherent risk of instability during large transitions, and we are anticipating and closely observing areas where these things might occur. We're focused on eliminating points of failure and mitigating any modicum of downtime.

All customers this pertains to will receive an email on the status of the transition in the coming days. We would like to welcome our users to reach out, ask questions and work with our support teams. Please don't hesitate to speak up - if you've got a burning question or a shadow of a doubt, we're here to fill you in!

Join Us!

We're delighted to follow this path with our users - yes, you! - And we're overflowing with anticipation and wonder as we work to unveil the highest-performing, most secure Assembla yet. Hang on tight!