Introducing the Assembla EU Cloud

Paul Lynch on April 26, 2018

Today we announce another milestone: We are taking our cloud footprint international with the Assembla EU Cloud.  The growing demands of our business and needs of our international clientele, which makes up 46% of our total customer count, are the driving factors for this expansion.  

The Assemba EU Cloud will run on modern AWS infrastructure in the Europe (Frankfurt) Region. Customers using the Assembla EU Cloud will be able to take advantage of low latency and world-class AWS performance with failover options. To further support our customers, we are also increasing headcount in our Dublin office.

Due to the rise of compliance regulations, specifically GDPR, the EU Cloud will be especially beneficial to international customers concerned with data privacy, data protection and the rise of preferences for data localization.

With the looming GDPR deadline, Assembla is also providing customers an automated way formalize and share with their stakeholders that they use Assembla in a manner that meets GDPR data processing obligations. The Data Processing Addendum (DPA), pre-signed by Assembla, is a self-serve and easy-to-execute document that only requires an electronic signature  from Assembla customers. Customers can learn more by visiting

Both the EU Cloud and automated DPA are updates to help customers navigate growing regulation requirements and data protection concerns. This update will offer one more tool in our customers’ toolkit as they develop and build the next generation of innovative products.