Assembla Acquires MyGet: The Secure Universal Package Manager

Paul Lynch on August 31, 2018


Today we are thrilled to announce that Assembla has acquired MyGet, the secure universal package manager.

Package management is a keystone to software development. Bringing MyGet into the portfolio will position us to compete in the enterprise Git and version control space like never before and like no other provider in the market. We will fully integrate MyGet into the Assembla stack and be the first enterprise Git solution with integrated package management. It fits in our current product portfolio by filling in a major piece of the devops life cycle. We are so excited to add this tool set into our Assembla portfolio as well as adding value for MyGet customers through investments in the current product.

What Is MyGet?

MyGet was founded in 2011 and has thousands of teams worldwide using it for their package management and governance. Customers such as Johnson Controls, Microsoft and BMW are utilizing MyGet today. With MyGet, you are able to continuously govern and audit all packages in your devops life cycle. You can now have packages from all major languages scanned for vulnerabilities using industry standard vulnerability databases.


MyGet integrates with your existing source code ecosystem and enables end-to-end package management. Centralized package management delivers consistency and governance to your devops workflow. In the few weeks since we’ve acquired the company, we are already making improvements to the MyGet customer experience. In the coming days we’ll be completely refreshing the MyGet website and updated the user interface to help streamline the sign-up process.

Why Package Management?

Packages are collections of code working together. It is common for these packages to be downloaded from the internet and used as the foundation for new products. Our interest in this space stems from the ability to make these packages more secure through vulnerability scanning, governance and auditing. Bringing MyGet into the Assembla family will enable us to make key improvements to this already solid product. Assembla is on a constant journey to make code more secure, and MyGet helps us do that. At Assembla, we are focused on creating a secure experience for the entirety of the software development life cycle. The acquisition of MyGet is a natural extension of our offering that will now cover a new part of the SDLC.

Why Does This Matter?

Icebergs are deceiving. What you see is just a fraction of the whole picture. Same goes for software. What is being innovated and iterated on is only a small portion of the whole, while the majority of the code is based on open source packages downloaded from various places on the internet. Many times, there are known vulnerabilities in this code that eventually seep into products being shipped to customers. This is a big problem and one that endpoint security doesn’t address. Today, organizations can either piecemeal package management together, using home grown or “do-it-yourself” methods where each type of software package is scanned separately, with little or no governance, or worse, have no standard package security policies at all. MyGet is the package level filter that acts as your first line of defense from the inside out. With MyGet, you can now have packages from all major languages scanned for security risks using two known industry standard vulnerability databases. This is only the beginning and we will continue to bring our security expertise into the MyGet platform.

What’s Next?

This acquisition will strengthen our current ecosystem for developers as we aim to help them build and ship perfect code. We are excited to add MyGet to our lineup and bring to it the same level of precision and innovation we offer Assembla and Cornerstone.

To current MyGet customers, please note that no action will be needed on your part. You will be receiving communication from the our team regarding any updates to channels of communication. Should you have any issues, please reach out to support at

Ready to learn more about MyGet? On September 27 at 10 am CT, we are hosting a live webinar to share MyGet with our customers. We invite you to RSVP below!

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We are excited to see the growth that this acquisition will bring for MyGet and our customers. Stay tuned for what’s to come!