Assembla Acquires Cornerstone: The Leading Subversion Desktop App for MacOS

Paul Lynch on January 18, 2018

This holiday season, while the majority of the Assembla community was drinking eggnog and awaiting the arrival of the man in red, Assembla was hard at work finalizing the acquisition of the leading Subversion MacOS desktop app: Cornerstone. It’s with pride that we formally announce this addition today.

Over the last few months, we’ve made leaps and bounds in offering our customers the enterprise cloud version control options they require and have asked us for. From becoming the world’s only source code management provider that’s SOC II certified to releasing the first iOS app of its kind, we’ve covered a lot of ground and only have more in store.

Cornerstone Subversion ClientWe made the decision to acquire Cornerstone to continue to provide the Assembla community the best-in-class suite of tools they need for modern, high-performing source code management. You can download a 14 day free trial version of Cornerstone here. 

Cornerstone for MacOS Subversion

We are investing in the future of Cornerstone. Never wishing to stand still, it is our plan to take the key improvements we’ve made in both Subversion and the Assembla web app, and bring them to the already excellent Cornerstone desktop app. We’re working to improve your interactions and workflows around your repositories and your data in general.

To our Assembla customers, as part of our commitment to offering you best-in-class service, across all channels, mobile app, web app, and more. We’re looking forward to being able to bring you a new way to experience SVN with our suite of offerings.  To the Cornerstone community, we welcome you to the Assembla family and we commit to furthering the excellence to the desktop app you’ve grown to know and love.  

A note from the Zennaware team: "Cornerstone couldn't have found a better home. Assembla is not only the leading Subversion hosting provider but are unique in the hosting space in that they are also investing in Subversion's future. By collaborating with the open source community, Assembla will be delivering exciting new features starting with shelving and checkpointing....We are excited to see Assembla take Cornerstone to the next level."