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How to Secure Your Source Code in 2019

Organizations are spending more than ever on breach mitigation. According to Gartner, this year alone, security budgets will soar as high as $114 billion. Yet, with ... Read more

CTO Perspective: Blockchain and Source Code Security

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin—what’s all the hype about? We know that blockchain is a newer, more secure way to keep track of things, like a ledger that is f... Read more

Webinar Recap: MyGet—The Secure Universal Package Manager

We recently hosted a webinar showcasing the newest addition to the Assembla suite of secure software development tools—MyGet Universal Package Management. Read more

Secure Your Source Code. Move to Assembla.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Secure Git™— the most secure, easiest-to-deploy Git solution on the market. Read more

Assembla is Making Moves: New Infrastructure Brings Higher Performance

This year has been packed with exciting additions and enhancements to the Assembla portfolio. We acquired Cornerstone and MyGet, provisioned Assembla in Europe to su... Read more

Assembla Acquires MyGet: The Secure Universal Package Manager

Today we are thrilled to announce that Assembla has acquired MyGet, the secure universal package manager. Read more

Five Cyber Security Takeaways from CyberTexas

Earlier this month our team attended our first CyberTexas event in San Antonio. I presented on a panel of cybersecurity experts in a session called “Cyber Defense To... Read more

Assembla Named a Best Place to Work

While we’ve only been part of the San Antonio Tech community for about two years, we’ve sure been busy. In that time, we’ve hired some super talented team members, p... Read more

Introducing Cornerstone 4.1: Improved Performance and Flexibility, New Functiona...

Since acquiring Cornerstone, the #1 SVN desktop app for Macs, we’ve been busy updating the product and making appropriate changes to optimize performance and user ex... Read more

Perforce Users Rejoice: Spin Up Assembla On-Demand in the EU in as little as 60 ...

In April of this year, we announced the expansion of our cloud infrastructure to include a data center in the EU. The addition of the Frankfurt region is a sign of b... Read more

We Are Assembling The Best Projects

Calling all creatives, programers, designers, and any other team building amazing software using Assembla! We at Assembla love that you are using our platform to pav... Read more

Ethics of AI with Terry Schussler (2/2)

Welcome back to the second portion of our CTO Jacek Materna’s interview with Terry Schussler, Dir. of Immersive Technology at Deutsche Telekom. If you have not seen ... Read more

Ethics of AI with Terry Schussler Part 1/2

Last week a few members of the Assembla the team attended E3 in Los Angeles. During our stay, our CTO, Jacek Materna had the pleasure of sitting down with Terry Schu... Read more

New Feature Alert! Security Edition: Code Scanning and More

Securing your source code is an ongoing commitment for our team. We’ll never be done, but your peace of mind is well worth the extra effort and attention to detail. ... Read more

Introducing the Assembla EU Cloud

Today we announce another milestone: We are taking our cloud footprint international with the Assembla EU Cloud.  The growing demands of our business and needs of ou... Read more

Notes From the Field: A Conversation with SVN Specialist Julian Foad on Subversi...

Last week, our friends at the Apache Foundation released Subversion 1.10, a long awaited update to SVN and a major milestone for the SVN community.  At Assembla, we ... Read more

A Foundation for GDPR Compliance

By now, you’re probably painfully aware of GDPR. The noise around the new data protection law alone is enough to make your head spin. Read more

Introducing Cornerstone 4

In January, we acquired Cornerstone, the # 1 SVN client for Mac. Since then, we’ve been hard at work making major improvements, adding new and highly requested featu... Read more

Assembla Customer Spotlight: April Fools Edition

At Assembla we recognize managing hundreds of thousands of colored eggs  isn't all that it is cracked up to be. Read more

And we're back...from GDC!

Last week our team travelled to San Francisco for Game Developers Conference (GDC). From meeting tons of new people to exploring some of the most interactive confere... Read more

We've Come a Long Way, Baby!

Assembla was founded in 2006 and since then, we’ve seen our fair share of change.  Highlights include being acquired by Scaleworks, moving to the tech hub of downtow... Read more

Introducing Hansoft in the Assembla Cloud: Your Agile Planning Solution

Since 2016, we’ve partnered with Perforce as a cloud provider of Helix Core, the enterprise-class version control solution. Working with Perforce has given us the ch... Read more

Shift Security to the Left to Ensure GDPR Compliance...and Better Code

GDPR is being heralded as the biggest change to data protection law in decades. Its purpose is to protect the data of European citizens. This means the new law will ... Read more

Evolving Performance, Security and Flexibility, One Feature at a Time

Lately, we’ve made notable strides to make Assembla as secure and high performing for our users as possible. From becoming SOC II certified to adding user activity l... Read more

Assembla Acquires Cornerstone: The Leading Subversion Desktop App for MacOS

This holiday season, while the majority of the Assembla community was drinking eggnog and awaiting the arrival of the man in red, Assembla was hard at work finalizin... Read more

The future of source code security is consensus-based

The security landscape is ever-changing. It is the most non-constant industry on the planet. New threats appear and new solutions are built to squash them. Rinse, re... Read more

Top 10 security tips to start 2018 off strong

  Read more

Assembla Launches First iOS App For Enterprise Source Code Management

We’ve always provided developers and their teams with highly accessible, easy to use source code management in the cloud. With the release of the (first of its kind)... Read more

Assembla Attains Enterprise-Level Compliance

Assembla, the leader in Enterprise Cloud Version Control across SVN, Git and Perforce announced that it has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (... Read more

Shadow IT — it’s not what you think.

I recently spoke to a crowd of professionals about “Shadow IT”, and I couldn’t stop picturing the “Shadow Monster” from Strangers Things. You know the big scary anta... Read more

The Apache Foundation's Subversion Hackathon 2017

The Apache Foundation's Subversion Hackathon is an annual opportunity for Subversion developers to meet in person to hack, talk, invent, fix, and inspire. Read more

Security in the cloud: NextGen SVN™  is here!

Over the last few months, we’ve made key investments to improving Subversion and catering to the needs of its community. We know that SVN offers the security enterpr... Read more

NextGen SVN™: A Look Behind the Curtain for Apache's Subversion©

Assembla recently hosted a powerhouse of Subversion experts and community members to discuss where SVN is and where it’s going. The conversation was an in-depth and ... Read more

NextGen SVN™: Modern, Cloud-Based and Secure

We recently hosted a panel of Apache Subversion thought leaders, experts and developers, all with a vested interest in the future of SVN. If you missed it, check out... Read more

Introducing The Assembla Ambassador Program: Get rewarded for spreading the word...

We’ve been busy lately. From launching a new website to the release of Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC), we’ve made a number of investments in our product and... Read more

Save time and stay up-to-date with the latest repo news with our Trello Power-Up

In late September, we launched Enterprise Cloud Version Control (ECVC), the culmination of lots of time, thought, and energy from our entire team. Read more

Assembla is Making Version Control “Enterprise-Ready”

Today, Assembla put its stake in the ground as the only provider of Enterprise Cloud Version Control powered by Subversion. Read more

Do More Directly From the Assembla Web App: New Repo UX Adds Functionality, Stre...

We recently updated our UI/UX to empower our users to do more directly from the Assembla WebApp. The upgraded UI/UX extends across SVN, Git, and Perforce repos and c... Read more

New Slack Integration: Dedicate a Channel to Repo Events

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Slack integration today! This integration is free and notifies users of Assembla repo events in a centralized S... Read more

Assembla App Ready for Download on Android and iOS!

 We're pleased to announce that that in addition to our previously launched iOS app, you can now download our Android app on Google Play. Our development team strive... Read more

New: Merge Requests in the Assembla SVN Web App

Here at Assembla, our goal is to provide our users secure, high-quality version control without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud. That’s why we steadily make ad... Read more

How to Build a Killer Product Roadmap

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what makes a functional, high-performing product roadmap. This information can be especially misleading for ... Read more

Assembla is now Upgraded to SVN 1.9.6

Subversion 1.9.6 was released to the community on July 5th, and Assembla has tested and upgraded our system for this latest release. The last stable release of Subve... Read more

Integrate Assembla Repositories Directly to JIRA Tickets

As the cloud version control platform for enterprises, we’re committed to helping teams automate processes via integrations with leading cloud services for release m... Read more

Color Code Your Tags for Better Organization

Organizing and tagging tickets just got easier.  You can now color code tags in 8 different colors for better ticket management. Read more

Lock SVN Files and Directories from the Assembla Web App

We’re excited to announce SVN locking for the Assembla webapp! Now, users can perform SVN locking operations from their web browser in the Assembla web app. Users ca... Read more

Get Instant Search Results for Tickets, Merge Requests, Wikis and More

We’ve updated the Assembla app to give you a new and improved way to search content within your project’s space. Read more

Understand the Health of your Software with these 3 Key Tips

This post was written and contributed by Freyja, Marketing @ Raygun, a software intellegince platform for web and mobile.  Shipping code both on time and within budg... Read more

How Blue Rocket Saves 10 Hours Per Week By Automating Time Tracking With Zapier ...

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Blue Rocket was formed in 2008 with a mission to make an impact in the budding mobile world.  Blue Rocket provides design... Read more

Why Bounty Programs Are A Good Fit For The  Agile Development Process

Setting our customers up for success is always a top priority for us at Assembla, from the quality of our product to how we deliver and support it. For our DevOps te... Read more

Stanford Student Space Initiative Chooses Assembla

Assembla is incredibly excited about our developing partnership with the Stanford Student Space Initiative (SSI), the largest project-based student group at Stanford... Read more

Automate Your Workflows With Assembla’s Zapier Integration

  We’re pleased to announce Zapier as our latest addition to the Assembla integration library. Zapier is a web automation app that allows you to automate tasks withi... Read more

Take Your Assembla Projects Directly to Slack Seamlessly

We’re kicking off 2017 with the launch a few powerful integrations. A few months ago, we released Single Sign On for Slack and Github and today I’m pleased to announ... Read more

How Airship Syndicate Raised Funding on Kickstarter to Develop Battle Chasers: N...

Following the progress of Airship Syndicate and their game development has been a truly exciting experience, and Assembla has been privileged to host this small stud... Read more

The Winners of Unreal Engine’s #ue4jam “Snowball Effect” Are In!

  Last month, we were excited to have sponsored a successful #ue4am! An event hosted by the Unreal Engine Community, #ue4jam was a weekend event for game development... Read more

Bridging The Gap Between Software Developers and Project Managers

  When your company is encompassed by highly specialized individuals, there is a high risk for friction if not managed properly. Frontend developers and designers ca... Read more

Get Closer To Your Customers With These Proven Techniques and Must Have Tools

  When your days are spent writing code for a new application with an aggressive deadline, you barely have time to step outside for coffee. It’s not like you don’t l... Read more

The Biggest Software Development Trends in 2017 and Beyond

  The new year always brings a sense of optimism. A fresh start with endless possibilities. As we close the book on 2016 and flip the calendar to 2017, now is the ti... Read more

The Getting Started Guide For Building Your First Game

  If you’re a game development enthusiast like myself and want to start building games, it can be a daunting task to get started. With the right tools and process in... Read more

Learn How To Use Assembla In Today's Weekly Demo

Thank you for attending today's demo where our VP of Customer Success, Curtis Morris, shows you how to use some of Assembla's most popular features. In this demo rec... Read more

The Biggest Lessons We Learned About Application Security in 2016

This past year, cyber-attacks have taken center stage in the media on more than one occasion. From the DDoS attacks that took down more than a dozen major websites t... Read more

4 Nicer, Science-Backed Ways for Developers to Say "No"

For developers, time is always in demand. We’re scarce resources: everyone in the world loves and needs our skills. As much as we want to make time for coding projec... Read more

Assembla Demo For New Users | 11.9.16

Thank you for attending today's demo where our VP of Customer Success, Curtis Morris, illustrates how to create spaces, tickets, invite users and add repos.  Read more

4 Tips To Prevent and Manage Clients From Delaying Their Own Project

    Managing the launch of software, mobile apps or games can be both an art and a science. Project owners of software development projects often need to balance bot... Read more

5 Studies To Help Software Development Teams  Communicate Better

Collaboration in the workplace is increasing every year. According to a study in The Harvard Business Review, ‘‘the time spent by managers and employees in collabora... Read more

Assembla Demo For New Users | 10.26.16

In this week’s demo, our VP of Customer Success, Curtis Morris, shows you how to customize your interface in the app, create tickets, add a repo and invite users. Read more

Assembla Demo for New Users | 10.19.16

We hosted our weekly demo today where our VP of Customer Success, Curtis Morris, shows you how to use some of Assembla's most popular features like how to create spa... Read more

Assembla Demo For New Users | 10.12.16

Today we hosted a demo designed for new Assembla users. In this demo, we covered some of Assembla’s most popular features including how to create a space, create tic... Read more

Assembla’s Wiki Feature Gets a Face Lift

Following List and Cardwall, our wiki feature is the most widely used feature among Assembla users. With Assembla’s wiki, you can create meeting notes, project plans... Read more

Assembla Improves Filters, Home and Project Dashboard

Read more

Easily Connect 25+ Cloud Drives To Assembla Ticket Workflow With Filestack

Read more

9 ways the new Real Time List gets more done - faster

Today, something exciting is happening with the List. The list has gone real-time and it’s already powering our team’s productivity. There are nine awesome enhanceme... Read more

Introducing ... The New Assembla

It has been three months since Scaleworks announced the acquisition of Assembla. During the intervening period Assembla has embarked on a program of improvement and ... Read more

How does Assembla do Agile?

Given that we are a project management software for developers, we constantly get questions from Assembla users on how to do Agile - what does it mean to do Agile? I... Read more

Due dates in Tickets help you plan better

Today, as part of double feature Tuesday, something exciting is happening with tickets. We added due dates! Over 25% of our customer base has been asking for this fe... Read more

Real Time notification center keeps your workflow moving

One of our goals for Assembla moving forward is a smooth and seamless workflow for our #projectplanning and #agile users. We know that every time you have to leave t... Read more

Meet the UX Team

The #1 focus at Assembla is User Experience (UX). We view UX as an important element in supporting class-leading customer journeys. Because we have a number of thing... Read more

Agile Bugs Q&A: Part 5

If you have been following along with the earlier posts in this series, you already know that it all started with a recent live chat, in which I asked questions abou... Read more

Agile Bugs Q&A: Part 4

I asked questions about #AgileBugs in a recent live chat. Tech trailblazers Raygun CEO JD Trask and Assembla CTO Jacek Materna answered my questions and we all disco... Read more

Agile Bugs Q&A: Part 3

When tech experts Raygun CEO JD Trask and Assembla CTO Jacek Materna answered my questions about bugs in agile frameworks in a recent live chat, a lot of others had ... Read more

Agile Bugs Q&A: Part 2

The live chat about handling bugs within agile frameworks had experts answering my questions with a combination of knowledge, experience, and fun (surprising as that... Read more

Agile Bugs Q&A: The experts weigh in

In a recent live chat about handling bugs within agile frameworks, I had the opportunity to ask two technical experts my questions around this topic. Hundreds signed... Read more

Perfecting a Real Time Cardwall

Your reception to our realtime cardwall had been great! We've been monitoring and studying your usage of the new features and have consolidated the bulk of the comme... Read more

DevOps at Assembla: on Guard for Customer Experience

Customer success is always a top priority here at Assembla. For our #devops team, it is all about global uptime, application performance, and security. As the team l... Read more

You Work Quickly, Now Your Cardwall Does Too! #RealTimeProductivity

Today, something exciting is happening with my cardwall (and yours, too!). It is working as quickly as my team is working. The cardwall has gone real-time, it is exc... Read more

Agile Bug Beating Superheroes Among Us

After dealing with some frustrating bugs in our marketing tracking last week, I had the opportunity to moderate a live technical chat this week about how to handle b... Read more

Try for a Pi: New Assembla Users Entered to Win a Raspberry Pi 3

In a serendipitous series of events, we discovered that techies, developers, and non-technical project managers alike are describing another product in the same way ... Read more

How to best handle bugs in your agile practices

  Are your current error management practices slowing your team down? If you are using agile methodologies in your organization, it’s likely that: You are a CTO, Dev... Read more

Get better bug reports with Usersnap integration

Assembla & Usersnap teamed up to improve your project and client communication. Client communication is one of the biggest frustrations when collaborating with clien... Read more

New Survey Shows How Agencies and Developers Work with Clients

Surprising….even shocking in some cases. That is how I describe the results of the inaugural State of Client Collaboration in Development & Design survey. Read more

Introducing Assembla Jenkins plugin

WHO: For users of Git repositories and Jenkins CI WHY: You want to save time with automated testing. WHAT: A Jenkins plugin that reads Assembla merge requests, build... Read more

Resolve Software Bugs Faster with Raygun + Assembla

In a perfect world, we would all have an endless stream of happy customers using the products we create (and telling their friends!) and offering complimentary feedb... Read more

Get Answers and Make Yourself Heard, in a Flash

WHO: Assembla users who discuss tasks and tickets WHY: You want to discuss something NOW WHAT: Your browser will show new ticket comments, images, and changes with a... Read more

Big Clients & Long Engagements: Burning Questions & Practical Answers

When we noticed many Assembla users asking about how to get bigger clients and how to take those clients from a project-based relationship to a long-term partnership... Read more

Email Taggers Rejoice: You can now update tags by email

WHO: Users of Email to Tickets gateway WHY: Adding or removing tags from tickets should be easy WHAT: The new Tags keyword allows you to add tags or remove them from... Read more

Big Clients - who wins them and why?

At Assembla, we have noticed some interesting trends: Web development companies and agencies that have big clients seem to keep getting more big clients - almost as ... Read more

Give Your Comments Superpowers

WHO: Users of Assembla Tickets and Assembla Repos. WHY: You need a simpler and more powerful text editor. WHAT: The updated editor allows you to attach images and ha... Read more

Cleaner-Better-Faster: The New Ticket Styles You Asked For

WHO: Assembla tickets users. WHY: You want improved UX and readability and upgraded performance; and we are laying the foundation for future real time features. WHAT... Read more

Drumroll, please: #loveassembla Contest Winners Announcement

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been showered with over 300 messages of #loveassembla. You have tweeted and commented on our blog post with the reasons for yo... Read more

Want to Be Counted? The Industry Survey that Hears Your Voice

A new survey needs input from Web Development and Design companies just like yours. This is your chance to let industry insiders know exactly what you think, what yo... Read more

Retire the Refresh Button with Live Ticket Updates

WHO: Assembla tickets users. WHY: You need better real-time collaboration on tickets. WHAT: The updated interface has real-time updates, statuses, and usability enha... Read more

5 Reasons to Link Code Commits to Tickets

One of the most useful (and oldest) features in Assembla is the link from code commits to tickets.  To link a code commit to ticket 30886, you just put "#30886" some... Read more

How to manage client projects with Assembla

Assembla's Support tool helps you manage client projects by providing an easy mechanism for your customers to collaborate with you. The Support tool integrates with ... Read more

Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Integration: Key Defi...

(This post has been updated as of March 1st, 2017) - Original content by Michael Chletsos In today’s modern software development world, continuous delivery, continuo... Read more