Thanksgiving product update

Posted by Andy Singleton on November 28, 2008 15:27:00 PM

Our November 27 release includes the usual bug fixes, and some feature goodies that will be of interest to user.

The space Stream page has a new, more compact format with icons for each event type.  I am using it a lot more because it is easier to read.  I use the filter sidebar to see all of the code commits, or everything that one team member is working on.  This is the first user-visible improvement based on the work we have done on event processing, with a lot more coming.

The Time tool has a much improved time reporting interface.  You can easily see time entries for a particular date range, or a particular use, and if you use the Time tool in a Portfolio Manager space, you can get a rollup report of tasks for all of your spaces.

The Twitter tool is fixed. Thanks for your patience.  This is another demonstration of the event processing system.  We changed the UI for adding Messages to put the forms inline for faster access.

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