Controlling the Flow of Assembla Email Notifications

Posted by Adam Feber on July 15, 2011 11:14:00 AM

By default, Assembla sends a lot of email notifications.  This default helps build and unify a distributed team, because each new team member sees everyone else working.  However, it sometimes sends too many emails.  Users can click through to the stream page to turn them off, or set them to hourly or daily digests.  But, this is extra work for the user, and as a project owner, you probably want to control those default email alerts.

In the May 26th release, we added an Admin setting that allows space owners to control the default alerts that a new team member will get.  You can select the important events, specify hourly or daily digests, or turn them off.

Setting the global email notification settings for a space:

Owners of a space will now see an “Email email notificiation settingsAlerts Settings” section in the Admin tab. This section allows Owners to define the default email frequency – when an event happens, an hourly summary, a daily summary, or never – and define event types for all new team members added to a space. Team members can then decide if they want to adjust their setting for more or less emails.

Note this will only update new team members moving forward and not affect existing team members. If existing team members want or need to adjust their settings, they can do this on their own (below).

Adjusting your personal account from the default settings:

From the Stream tab of your space, click on the Email Notifications subtab and define what frequency and event types are right for you. Updates are effective immediately and you can change these settings at anytime.

Previously, the Stream only showed events that you had selected to receive email notifications for but now, the stream and email notifications are separate. The stream now shows all events and provides a filter on the right to filter by date, specific events, and/or by user making it easier to filter and find recent events.

 Take a quick two question survey and let us know what you think the default email notitifcation settings should be for Assembla spaces.

Saving settings in Template spaces

If you are creating a lot of new spaces, you probably do not want to edit the email defaults and the ticket settings and custom filters in every new space.  Instead, you can create a template space which contains those settings, and you can create new spaces that are copies of the template.  In the Portfolio view, you can set a space as type "Template" and it will appear in the "Create a Space" configuration list.  And, in any version of Assembla, you can select "Copy this space" on the bottom right of the footer.

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