How to use Webhooks to get an SMS message about important events

Posted by Andy Singleton on July 28, 2010 18:13:00 PM

The folks at AlertGrid posted an article with instructions for configuring Assembla to send instant notification whenver something important happens. They asked "Can Assembla send me SMS message when new milestone is created?" Yes, it can.

The key ingredients are

  • the Assembla Webhooks tool, which will send events from the activity stream to other applications.  You select the type of events that you want to send (for example, code commits, ticket comments, or new/edited milestones).  Then, you configure the URL to get or post the information.
  • The AlertGrid service.  AlertGrid will not only send you an SMS, but it will compare the incoming messages to workflow rules, and send the correct message to the correct people.  So, this adds an extra layer of intelligence to the notification process that you can use to filter out noise and find the most important events.

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