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New: Merge Requests in the Assembla SVN Web App

Here at Assembla, our goal is to provide our users secure, high-quality version control without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud. That’s why we s... More >

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How to Build a Killer Product Roadmap

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what makes a functional, high-performing product roadmap. This information can be especially ... More >

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Assembla is now Upgraded to SVN 1.9.6

Subversion 1.9.6 was released to the community on July 5th, and Assembla has tested and upgraded our system for this latest release. The last stable r... More >

Integrate Assembla Repositories Directly to JIRA T...

As the cloud version control platform for enterprises, we’re committed to helping teams automate processes via integrations with leading cloud service... More >

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Color Code Your Tags for Better Organization

Organizing and tagging tickets just got easier.  You can now color code tags in 8 different colors for better ticket management. More >

Lock SVN Files and Directories from the Assembla W...

We’re excited to announce SVN locking for the Assembla webapp! Now, users can perform SVN locking operations from their web browser in the Assembla we... More >

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Get Instant Search Results for Tickets, Merge Requ...

We’ve updated the Assembla app to give you a new and improved way to search content within your project’s space. More >

Understand the Health of your Software with these ...

This post was written and contributed by Freyja, Marketing @ Raygun, a software intellegince platform for web and mobile.  Shipping code both on time ... More >


Assembla's iOS App Ready for Download

We're pleased to announce the launch of our iOS app now available for download in the iTunes store. Our development team worked really hard to give ou... More >


How Blue Rocket Saves 10 Hours Per Week By Automat...

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Blue Rocket was formed in 2008 with a mission to make an impact in the budding mobile world.  Blue Rocket ... More >

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