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Moving Perforce Helix Core to Single Tenant

You already know the great benefits of using Assembla Helix Core. You may also understand that using Helix Core in the cloud with Assembla is saving you time and mon... Read more

Have you moved your SVN repos to the cloud yet?

Subversion (“SVN”) continues to be a leading Version Control System globally due to its file locking features, robust version history, native support for binary file... Read more

Consider The Cloud

Consider the cloud Should you switch to hosting your Perforce repos in the cloud? We think you should consider it. Leave the annoyances of self-hosting to the expert... Read more

Quick access to all your work with new Assembla navigation.

The latest update for Assembla introduces the completely new navigation and improved sprint planning, groups organization and querying functionality for the real-tim... Read more

Backup your Perforce Cloud Depot Data

Many of you messaged us saying that while Assembla’s Perforce Cloud solution is perfect at managing your project’s version control, it would be helpful to have the a... Read more

Create & manage your sprints with new in-place creation and advanced tickets...

Sprint planning & milestone management with Assembla real-time tickets list is another top improvement area requested by our customers. The latest update for Ass... Read more

Manage your smaller tasks using ticket’s “ToDo Checklist”.

We are happy to announce “Ticket’s ToDo Checklist” - the newest feature for Assembla which introduces a completely new component which allows users to create a dragg... Read more

Workshop: 17 Ways to Undo Mistakes with Git

We’re pleased to announce that our friends at Git Tower are hosting a fantastic webinar on behalf of Assembla. This workshop will focus on how to tap into the underl... Read more