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Shadow IT — it’s not what you think.

Originally posted: December 11, 2017. Read more

Rock Your Team’s SDLC with Assembla’s Q3 Release Roundup

Software releases don't always make you wanna play air guitar solos. But our product updates this quarter will definitely help your team jam better together! Read more

How to Choose the Right Version Control Software

Version control systems ("VCS", also referred to as source control management or revision control) are a type of software applications that are integral to the succe... Read more

How Blue Rocket Saves 10 Hours Per Week By Automating Time Tracking With Zapier ...

(This post has been updated as of August 28th 2019) Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Blue Rocket was formed in 2008 with a mission to make an impact in th... Read more

Announcing: Apache Subversion 1.12.2, 1.10.6, 1.9.12 released!

Last week, the SVN development community released SVN versions 1.12.2, 1.10.2, and 1.9.2, pushed live by Assembla engineer Julian Foad. The announcement comes as Sub... Read more

Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Integration: Key Defi...

(This post has been updated as of June 7, 2019) - Original content by Michael Chletsos In today’s modern software development world, continuous delivery, continuous ... Read more

Boost your team's efficiency with our new Mentions UI update

Whether teams use Assembla to coordinate projects, develop software, or both, Assembla’s @mention feature provides a simple, intuitive way to get teammates’ attentio... Read more

New integration! Shift security left with the all-new Assembla-Kiuwan™ static co...

We’re proud to introduce our all-new Assembla-Kiuwan™ integration, bringing more security to your code than ever before. Assembla’s integration with the Kiuwan™ code... Read more