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Shift Security to the Left to Ensure GDPR Compliance...and Better Code

GDPR is being heralded as the biggest change to data protection law in decades. Its purpose is to protect the data of European citizens. This means the new law will ... Read more

Evolving Performance, Security and Flexibility, One Feature at a Time

Lately, we’ve made notable strides to make Assembla as secure and high performing for our users as possible. From becoming SOC II certified to adding user activity l... Read more

Assembla Acquires Cornerstone: The Leading Subversion Desktop App for MacOS

This holiday season, while the majority of the Assembla community was drinking eggnog and awaiting the arrival of the man in red, Assembla was hard at work finalizin... Read more

The future of source code security is consensus-based

The security landscape is ever-changing. It is the most non-constant industry on the planet. New threats appear and new solutions are built to squash them. Rinse, re... Read more

Top 10 security tips to start 2018 off strong

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Assembla Launches First iOS App For Enterprise Source Code Management

We’ve always provided developers and their teams with highly accessible, easy to use source code management in the cloud. With the release of the (first of its kind)... Read more

Assembla Attains Enterprise-Level Compliance

Assembla, the leader in Enterprise Cloud Version Control across SVN, Git and Perforce announced that it has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (... Read more

Shadow IT — it’s not what you think.

I recently spoke to a crowd of professionals about “Shadow IT”, and I couldn’t stop picturing the “Shadow Monster” from Strangers Things. You know the big scary anta... Read more