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Updates today: preconfigured spaces, time tool, bug fixes

Posted by Andy Singleton on Sat, Sep 15, 2007
The upgrade today includes:  Preconfigured spaces for software developers, designers, recruiters, and other teams; a Time reporting tool; and bug fixes.  Read on for more details.

In previous releases, we offered a checkbox to create a "Software Developer Space", preconfigured with Trac and SVN tools, and some alerts.  This was so popular that we added some more checkboxes on the Create a Space page:
  • The classic Trac/SVN space, upgraded with Scrum and Chat and the integrated alerts
  • A software developers space that bundles SVN with our new Integrated Ticketing tool
  • A graphic designer's space that includes our new Images tool
  • A recruiter's space that includes our upgraded Staffing tool, for managing job postings and applications
  • A generic collaboration space with Milestones and Chat

Time reporting is a free (for now) tool, and not a hardcoded feature of Commercial spaces.  If you had a commercial space with the Time reporting tab, you will have to go and add the Time tool to get the Time reporting tab back.  We also put time data entry into the Time tab on the space, in response to a recent user request.

We added other features and fixed a lot of bugs, some of which you hopefully didn't notice.  People did notice that they could not delete spaces, and that the Scrum tool showed an error in Commercial spaces with https.



within the time feature I noticed that there is a jobs pulldown but how do I creat a job so that I can then pull it down within the time section?

posted @ Friday, June 13, 2008 12:34 PM by roberto

You can attach a time entry to two kinds of things.
Space: You can attach the time entry to workspace that you are a member of. This provides reports for the owner of the workspace. This is what most people use.
Job: This is for billing to Assembla job agreements. You create those job agreements by adding the "Staffing Tool", and posting a job, and creating a job agreement. Then, we use this information to pay you. Normally, you would not use this field. It appears in the quick entry line if you have an active job agreement.

posted @ Friday, June 13, 2008 12:47 PM by

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