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Airbrake Releases Integration with Assembla

Posted by adam feber on Thu, Oct 17, 2013

airbrake assembla integration recently released an integration that will automatically creates Assembla tickets for errors detected via Airbrake’s monitoring and reporting. With this integration, your team can quickly begin correcting issues while documenting the progress and status in an Assembla ticket.

To learn how to connect your Airbrake account with an Assembla project’s ticket tool, check out the documentation here.

If you are not familiar with Airbrake, they are one of the leading exception reporting services available for tracking application errors. Their reports tell you what errors are happening, what bit of code are responsible, and allow you to recreate the error for rapid debugging. At Assembla, we use and love Airbrake!

Back in May, Assembla and Airbrake put on a joint webinar on “Production Monitoring: The Key Steps Towards Continuous Delivery.” To learn more on how and why Production Monitoring is the most important process in any application, but particularly online applications when practicing Continuous Delivery, check out the recorded webinar.

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