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HTTPS Everywhere: Assembla is Increasing its Security

Posted by Michael Chletsos on Mon, Jul 30, 2012
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Concerned about your privacy and Internet security?  Here at Assembla, we are taking a step to watch out for you.  We will be switching over our servers to force https everywhere.  Have an old http assembla link still?  Don't worry, it will still work, you will be automatically redirected to https from http.  To ensure you are using https with encryption, look for the lock icon in your browser address bar:

assembla https

We are making this switch because we think that most people prefer to encrypt the data they are sending across the Internet.  You should not have to worry whether you are on http or https, so we find it easier and safest to redirect you to https everywhere.  With modern processors, its a minor load on the ssl encryption servers to serve up https.  Git, SVN, and Hg will still be available on http - this is for our website only.  However, we highly advise you to use https for your repository transactions as well.

API users may be affected by this as you will receive a redirect to https from http - we strongly advise you to update your code to reflect this change.

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