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Story Functionality Enhancement - Now you can drag tickets out of Stories

Posted by Hank Lander on Fri, Mar 22, 2013
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As many of you know, Assembla is on a journey of self-improvement and one of our priorities is to increase the responsiveness to our customers.

So, with no further ado, I am happy to announce that users will now be able to drag subtasks out of stories. Many thanks go out to André Mendonça for working on the feature and to all our customer who voted on this request in our feedback site.

Please check out our other Agile features if you haven't done so yet. We appreciate your feedback so keep the posts and upvotes coming. 

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What happened? Velocity and the Closed column

Posted by Andy Singleton on Thu, Jul 26, 2012
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The Closed column in the planner now gives you an accurate view of what happened and how fast you are moving.

To look at these changes, select "Show closed tickets" in the Current column. This will show you the Closed column, with recently closed tickets sorted in the order they were closed. That's what happened.

planner closed

The fun new feature is velocity - a measure of the tickets that you closed recently.  You'll see a velocity number in the header. This is the number of tickets or points (if you use point estimating) closed in the last week and an average of the last four weeks.

Select the link labeled "View historical velocity here" to pop up a bar chart (below) showing tickets or points completed in each of the last  four weeks.

describe the image

Why is this important?

The recently closed tickets list answers questions about what you have been doing, and gives you a place to check on tasks that disappeared from the Current list.  Remember to celebrate when you finish something good.

You can use the average velocity to set your capacity for an iteration.  Your capacity is roughly your average velocity, multiplied it by the number of weeks in an iteration.  You can enter this in the red capacity box on top of the Current column.

If you are running an iterative process, remember to use the "Close Iteration" button at the end of each iteration.  This will move the closed tickets out of Current into a historical milestone, and make room for the new iteration.

You can use the chart to see variations in velocity each week.  The variation should match your intuitive feeling about what happened during the week.  If it does not, you can investigate.

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New Planner features - delivery date estimates and "more fields"

Posted by Andy Singleton on Thu, Jun 28, 2012

We're improving Planner every week.  Here are some new features for today.

Delivery date estimates

We have started showing bars after each batch of 20 tickets in the backlog. This helps you get oriented in a long backlog. After you use the Planner for a few weeks, we show an estimated delivery date for each batch of tickets. It’s unobtrusive but fascinating. The estimate uses your velocity – the number of tickets or points that you closed in the last few weeks. We’ll be doing more with velocity.

planner delivery estimates

More fields

Entering tasks with the New form is even faster because you don’t need to open the full-screen view to set extra fields. You can open the “more fields” panel , set a user, and enter a batch of tickets for that user. This becomes more important if you use custom fields.

more fields


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Planner is now the default Tickets view in new spaces

Posted by Peter Farlow on Tue, Jun 12, 2012

We changed the default Tickets view in new spaces to Planner.  New users will land on the Planner, and hopefully get started easily.

You can change the default view for your team to List, Cardwall, or Planner

* List:  This is the old default.  You can use the list filters to configure views by milestone, team, component, user, and make your own containers and process.

* Cardwall: The "Current" column in planner will show up on the Cardwall, which makes Cardwall useful for your contributors.

* Planner.  See your New, Backlog, and Current tickets on one page, and prioritize them.

How to set the default view?  Within the Tickets tool, go to the "Settings" tab.  Under settings, go to the "Default Views" tab on the left. By default, the land on planner option will be selected. Select "Land on Ticket List" and then update your settings. Now, when you go to the Tickets tool, your team members and you will see the List view instead of Planner.


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