How to manage client projects with Assembla

Posted by Nadia Romano on Apr 16, 2015 3:08:00 PM

Assembla's Support tool helps you manage client projects by providing an easy mechanism for your customers to collaborate with you. The Support tool integrates with the Ticket tool to provide customers a support ticket system for submitting and following issues, bugs, and feature requests. In this blog post you will learn:

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3 Ways to Handle Dependencies

Posted by Andy Singleton on Apr 10, 2015 2:24:00 PM

Dependencies become important in a big software project.  

A dependency occurs when one person is waiting for another person to finish something.  In my series on vanquishing the Mythical Man Month, I argued that this is the single biggest reason why big teams are slower (per person) than small teams.  One person is never waiting for himself, but in a large project, there can be LOTS of people waiting for something.

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A Cleaner, Better Way to Manage Your Account in Assembla

Posted by Nadia Romano on Mar 16, 2015 3:00:00 AM

Read on if you are a payer or owner of an Assembla account.

Assembla is rebuilding our most used tools with new styles and design. We’ve  just released  our latest improvements to the Profile and Account Pages -- with a cleaner and better content structure.

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Assembla outage - post incident analysis

Posted by Ajit Umrani on Mar 2, 2015 7:31:00 PM

Assembla suffered a significant outage last week on February 24th 2015. You can read the details of the incident here. I would like to apologize again to all of our customers for the downtime.

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Assembla was down - here is the explanation

Posted by Andy Singleton on Feb 24, 2015 11:06:00 AM

Thank you for your patience during Assembla’s outage.  We were down for about 10 hours starting at 03:15 UTC on 24 February.  All services are restored with no data loss.

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Files tool gets better design and faster operations

Posted by Vadim Todorov on Feb 23, 2015 9:40:00 PM

Hundreds of customers voted to make Files tool improvements their top request. Over the last few months, we have released many enhancements to the Files tool. In the first release, we added folder view and layout improvements. In the second release, we added version rollback and better context menu. In this latest release, we are using Files tool to show off a new, cleaner style sheet and faster operations.

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The Malaga Mission

Posted by Andy Singleton on Feb 15, 2015 11:46:00 AM

Like Jason Bourne dashing ahead of an explosion,  I am on the plane escaping from Boston ahead of our next major snowstorm.  It has been a dramatic winter. People claim that 6 feet (2 meters) of snow have fallen during the last three weeks, and forecast “blizzard conditions” again tomorrow.  It has not been all bad - our data wizard, Nadia came in from the Argentine heat for a good time on the sledding slopes, and my dog and I have happily stomped out ski tracks.

The next stop is Assembla’s Spanish office, temporarily located in a villa near Malaga, where 10 developers from 5 countries are converging to build 1 great new product.

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Vote on the New Cardwall Design

Posted by Ajit Umrani on Feb 6, 2015 2:21:00 PM

If you currently use the "cardwall" feature of the Assembla tickets tool, this post is for you. We have come up with a new cardwall design that you can access under the “New Cardwall” tab next to the existing cardwall tab. You will see a number of changes over the current cardwall design. Please look at them, and help us by answering a few questions at the bottom of this post. We will use your comments to design the final release.

Here is summary of the changes we are proposing:

Changes to the filter header

The main goal of a cardwall is to share one view of the team's current tasks. We want to make it easier for new users to understand the current team view, and set it.  

  • If you are a space owner, you will see a button to “Set default view”. So, you can easily select a milestone or filter, and set it as the team default view. This option was hidden in the ticket settings.

  • You can go back the default view set by the space owner from any view using the "Go to default view" button.
  • We cleaned up the drop-down list of team filters. At the top are special views for  “All tickets” “Current Milestone”. These are the most common settings. Then, we show a list of open milestones.  Below that, we show a list of custom filters (saved from the personal filter sidebar).

We expect that most teams will start with a view of “All Tickets”. Then, when they get a lot of tickets, they will organize them into a backlog with milestones. They will go to the cardwall and select a milestone to display. They will normally use the “Current milestone”, which is a label that you can apply to the milestone that you are currently working on.

Many of users also use the cardwall to see personal views. For example, they search for a keyword like “cardwall” to see cardwall related tickets, or they us a tag like “marketing” to see the work of the marketing team, or they use a more complex filter.  

  • The filter sidebar is now on the right side and is labeled “personal filter”.

  • We moved the tag filter into the personal filter area to clean up the header

  • We added three special searches - for text, tags, and “my followed tickets”

We believe that we are on the right track with these filter changes. We will deploy this with small improvements and new personal options. In the next release, we want to add a new option to show “related tickets”, so that you can select a story or an epic, and see a cardwall with all of the subtasks.

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Assembla Touch Tickets Edition

Posted by Sergiy Golub on Jan 26, 2015 11:41:00 AM

Assembla Touch is back with the new Tickets Edition! The primary use case of Assembla Tickets is when you aren't at your desk. The current version is only available for the iPhone and does not support offline mode.

Get the new and improved Touch Tickets iPhone app, or simply search "Assembla Touch Tickets Edition" in your AppStore application.

The interface is extremely straightforward: just log in using your existing Assembla account, or create one at From there it's easy to access followed tickets, recent tickets, and high-priority tickets by simply chosing your workspace, selecting a milestone, and viewing your tickets.

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Introducing Perforce Team Edition On Demand!

Posted by Ajit Umrani on Jan 21, 2015 2:43:00 PM

Since 2012 Assembla has partnered with Perforce to bring Perforce On Demand. Assembla’s FREE repositories only service provides 1 GB storage and supports FREE Perforce 20/20 licenses which has a 20 user, 20 depot or 1000 files limitation. We have been getting requests to offer Perforce hosting on our platform without these limitations and a tighter integration with the rest of Assembla’s tools. And we now have a solution - introducing the NEW Portfolio Perforce Team Edition hosting!

The Portfolio Perforce Team Edition hosting includes:

  • Perforce Team Edition On Demand with unlimited repos and unlimited files
  • 5 GB storage per user
  • All of Assembla Portfolio tools including beautiful code browser, task management features, team/client management features and enhanced security options.

The Portfolio Perforce Team Edition hosting option allows you to take advantage of the power of Perforce version management combined with Assembla’s collaboration and project management features. You create a new workspace in Assembla and add a P4 depot in under 60 seconds. Or you can have an online backup of your current Perforce depots and allow your remote team members to contribute from wherever they are.

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